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Welcome to The Shadowlords website

The Shadowlords is a large and old horde guild on Turalyon(eu) that was founded 10th of Mars 2006 by Skankyhoteb a.k.a. Harg. The guild was founded to let everyone have a fair chance to do stuff in the game and have a social and friendly atmosphere that the vanilla raiding guilds lacked. Some raiding guilds originated from The Shadowlords during TBC for exempel A Shaman Stole My Bike and Eternal Shadows. But during WOTLK we developed into our own casual raiding guild.

The Shadowlords are a social leveling and light raiding guild that has something to offer every play style. We strive to be a relaxed, family-oriented, drama-free and stress-free guild. We want to have fun and build lasting relationships/friendships. We describe ourselves as "casual raiding guild" as we feel raiding is merely one aspect of the game.

As we are such a large guild with nearly 400 members the social part gets really easy. There is always someone online that you can talk to. Also we are a friendly and dramafree guild with a lot off people that want to help out others. We love achievements and old classic raids so there is always stuff to do or talk about. We have members from all levels and many want a social atmosphere as they level.

We mostly focus on progressing in 10 man content but starting with the 25 man when we have enough of the raid members geared up.
We like the friendly and humoristic atmosphere that a tight group of 10 people make.
Fun and progress are the main focusing on our runs.

We have social and raiding ranks so everyone is welcome whatever your goal with the game is.
We don't have any demands and rules of a minimum raid-attendance, everyone is free to signup how much or how little they want and/or have time for.

So if you want to see all that the game has to offer but don’t have time for the demands that the hardcore raiding guilds requires and you are tired of the attitude hardcore guilds and their members have, The Shadowlords may be the guild for you. Join us on Trial and try out the atmosphere, get new friends and maybe you find the guild that suits you perfectly. We hope and think so anyway!

Welcome to The Shadowlords!

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lovestarrose, Oct 19, 10 5:16 PM.

Here is a list of all the current guild achivements that you will find in Cataclysm.

Don't press the links if you don't want to know!! May be SPOILERS.



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